De Luxe Premium Oil
Maison De Luxe French Interiors

De Luxe Premium Oil

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Exclusive to Maison De Luxe French Interiors, our premium scented oils are hand picked scents are unique, calming and sensuous. Simple place a few drops in your diffuser, oil burner or even into your mop bucket for scent longevity to waft seamlessly throughout your home or space.


  • Material: Glass Bottle with dropper for minimum wastage
  •  oil scents to choose from
  • 30ml bottle labelled with "Maison De Luxe" Logo and scent of choice
  • Used safely with diffusers and oil burners
  • No assembly required
  • Use instructions: Simply place a few drops as desired for maximum results
  • Dimensions:
  • 30ml Bottle


Keep away from children, please call your doctor or poisons information centre if ingested.